January 30, 2013

Crooks - "Bar Stool"

This past weekend was a great one for live music for me. I saw one of my favorites, the Dirty River Boys on Friday night and Charlie Shafter Saturday. I have seen both of them more times than I can remember, but for the first time I saw a little band called Crooks, which opened for DRB.

When I heard they were playing I did the usual Spotify stalking beforehand to get a taste of what to expect. I liked what I heard but nothing too groundbreaking. But this is another one of those bands that you just have to see to believe. They started playing while I was still in line (Blue Light was PACKED Friday night) and when I got inside I could barely wiggle my way to the bar, much less see the stage. But I could hear them and I knew I HAD to get to where I could see asap. So my friend Emily and I grabbed a drink and headed to my favorite short girl spot... the church pew on the wall right by the stage.

Obviously I'm a sucker for some long-haired hippie freaks, so if I wasn't already in love with this band by just hearing them, as soon as I saw them I knew I was a fan. I could never put my finger on exactly what kind of music it was, because every song sounded different. And there was a different combination of instruments for every song. The guy on the stage closest to me went from playing guitar to mandolin to banjo to alternating between a trumpet and different kinds of shaker things and back to guitar.

They were just so much fun. I highly suggest seeing their live show if you like country, honkytonk, outlaw, or Texas music or just a good time.

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