January 29, 2013

Chris King - 1983

1983This is country music. It hits on all the classic country themes without dumbing it down or name-dropping or being about trucks. It's country because it's country, not because it has to prove it's credentials. Oh and there's a Jamie Wilson duet... gold.

I had never heard of Chris King until the past few weeks all social media was abuzz about this 1983 album. I got my hands on it last week and haven't been able to shake it since.This one is to 2013 what Jason Eady's AM Country Heaven and K Phillips' American Girls were to 2012. It may be too early to tell, but I'd bet money this one will be in the running for my 2013 favorites list.

Read some other reviews here and (sort of) here and here.  
Buy it. Listen to it. Love it.

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http://christopherck.com/ | https://twitter.com/ArtificialChris | http://www.facebook.com/chriskingmusica

I had to do some major stalking to find any videos of him singing something from this album and finally came across this acoustic version of "Native Son."

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