April 3, 2013

Phil Pritchett - March 28, 2013

Do you ever have so much admiration for a band that you think surely everyone else feels the same way and when they play in your town, the bar will surely be packed because they deserve it? And then you get there and there are a solid 17 people in the whole place, including the band and the staff? Well that is what happened last Thursday night at Blue Light. I just KNEW it would be packed full of people to see Phil Pritchett but I was wrong. At one point we counted and there were less than 20 humans in the place. I know it must suck to play to a crowd like that, but let me tell you, it didn't get him down.

I took a cue from a friend who said this was a fun band to watch and I should catch the show because it is one of his favorites. I had honestly not planned on going because I'd never seen him before or really listened to his music much, but I had heard his name a lot by people who's musical opinions I always trust, so I went for it. Honestly, the only song I really knew was "Willin'," which he sings with Cody Canada on one of his records.

My friend was right, Phil Pritchett was so much fun to watch. He just has a cool vibe and good energy. I would love to see him with a full crowd because I can't imagine the energy that would be emitted from that. If you listen to his live albums you can still feel the vibes. By the way - you can download a TON of music *for free* on his website, which claims him to be "the world's most fiercely independent artist." You can't beat that.

So go download some tunes and find out when he's playing close to you and do it to it!

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